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This tool is to convert JAR archive into EXE Executive. It makes java programs easier to run and redistribute, avoiding the disadvantages of starting java program by batch file. The generated Exe file can find valid JRE itself from Registry or from environment variable JAVA_HOME or from configuration file, and then start the main class specified. This tool can generate three types of applications: Console Application, Windows GUI Application and Windows NT Service. Typical function: 1. Can generate Console, Windows GUI and Windows NT Service applications. 2. Generated Exe can find JRE in many ways. 3. Customized version info and icon. 4. Windows NT Service supports PAUSE/CONTINUE. 5. Windows NT Service can install/uninstall by itself. 6. Class file encryption and hide. (new feature of 1.6) 7. When runs, decrypt in memory, no temporary file. (new feature of 1.6)

Systems: Windows

Tags: windows nt service   windows nt   nt service   windows gui   new feature   generated exe   windows   file   service   nt   exe  

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  • 30 April, 2014 19:35

    It's a powerful program with some great features.

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